Josh Duggar wants a piece of the lawsuit pie his sisters have started to bake. Last month, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar filed a lawsuit against the city of Springdale, In Touch Weekly, and the police department over the release of the molestation incident. The release was in 2015 and it did damage to the entire Duggar family. "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled, and the family was thrown back into the spotlight for something that had happened a decade prior.

Josh Duggar banned from the TLC network

After the molestation scandal was revealed and the public outrage occurred, TLC dropped "19 Kids and Counting" and Josh Duggar.

This happened at the end of the season and shortly after, it was announced the show would not return. Eventually, the Duggar fans garnered enough support for a special with the girls talking about how it affected their lives. That turned into what is now "Counting On." Josh Duggar is not allowed to be filmed on the network because advertisers will pull out. While he is attending family events, he is never filmed.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar has filed his own lawsuit. He is suing the same three entities that his sisters have already named. In Touch Weekly, the City of Springdale, and the police department were all named in the suit Duggar filed. There are mixed emotions among fans about this.

While he has a right to privacy, the public also has a right to know about someone who could potentially be a child predator.

Will Josh Duggar win?

Aside from this new lawsuit filed by Josh Duggar, he is also being sued. In fact, his court date is coming up this month where he will face the man he stole photos from. This has been an ongoing case since last August and now, it will go to trial.

Despite Duggar trying to dismiss it and ignore what he did was wrong, it looks like the man he stole from might have a leg to stand on. The new lawsuit will be interesting. Because the Duggar girls are also going after these businesses and people, it makes his chances of getting a settlement a little bit better.

Fans are excited that a new episode of "Counting On" is coming back next Monday.

It will be focused on Joy-anna's wedding and the engagement. There are plenty of exciting things happening this summer for the Duggar family including planning a wedding and two new grandchildren being born. As more information about the lawsuit becomes available, it will be reported.