It is official, Joy-Anna Duggar is now Mrs. Austin Forsyth. The two tied the knot earlier today in a church packed with family and friends. A Friday wedding comes as a shock to fans who expected the big day to be on a Saturday. In fact, it was assumed the wedding happened last weekend with several sources verifying it. Joy-Anna Duggar had to set the record straight and used her wedding planner, Sierra to tell the world she was still unmarried.

Happily ever after

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are officially husband and wife, and their life together begins today.

So far, there aren't many details surrounding the event. According to people, it was revealed that the two will be heading off to their honeymoon and will be traveling afterward. There is no clear cut indication on how long the newlyweds will be gone or what they plan to do. Excitement is on the way for the Forsyths as they begin their journey into happily ever after.

Everything is fresh and new for the teenage bride. She is the youngest Duggar sister to get married at just 19. Her sisters were all slightly older, and their engagements were also slightly longer. Joy-Anna and Austin had a bit of fun with fans. When they registered for the bridal shower, the date the couple used was her birthdate.

Fans sniffed out the registry almost immediately and with the date on it, they were trying to figure out when the big day was. Having fun with their fans is something the Duggar girls enjoy doing.

Babies on the brain

Joy-Anna Duggar has already expressed her desire to be a mother. Fans are already all over social media talking about if she will get pregnant right away and possibly end up having a child before her older sister and fellow newlywed, Jinger Duggar.

This is going to cause a bunch of controversy between the fans who are hoping she has babies immediately and those who are hoping she will wait a bit and enjoy married life. Either way, these next few days are going to be a big adjustment.

A new season of "Counting On" begins in just over two weeks. There is plenty to look forward to with the Duggar family including Joy-Anna's engagement and wedding planning.

Joseph Duggar is also courting, which has lead to possible rumors that he will be the second male child to walk down the aisle. This would put the tally at two married men and four married women, leaving Jana and John-David in the dust. This is one season you won't want to miss!