Jacob Roloff left the show "Little People, Big World" the second that he turned 18 and was able to refuse to sign the contract. This was not the life he wanted and he hasn't returned to the show either. He has made it very clear ever since then that he doesn't want anything to do with the show. Now in a new video, Jacob is speaking out and admitting that he was a bit rebellious for a while. It seems like he has grown up since then and doesn't post near the stuff he used to on social networks.

What did Jacob Roloff reveal?

In his new video blog, Jacob Roloff isn't holding back and is admitting that he wasn't always the easiest kid.

He said, “I remember at that time, I was causing strife….I said inflammatory things. Even as I said those things, I would admit that in about a year, I’d probably regret some of this.” Jacob admitted that he was going through some stuff in his personal life at this time. He revealed that he has grown up since then. Jacob Roloff left the show and then left his religion at the exact same time.

Jacob Roloff then went on to explain that he thinks before he writes now. Jacob has said some pretty crazy things on social networks. He said, "The more you talk, the less you know. I started believing that." Jacob has been slamming the show again lately. He doesn't love that "Little People, Big World" actually ends up making his family film things once again after they already happened so that they can get them on camera.

Does Jacob get along with his family now?

He has nothing at all to do with the show "Little People, Big World" or reality television at all. The thing is Jacob Roloff is getting along with his family from what he says so far. He has an issue with reality television but says that he is still around his family and they don't have any issues.

Jacob even shared that he loves being an uncle. He has one nephew and he has a niece on the way. Jacob is now sharing his life on the road with his girlfriend on a video blog, but this is different because he can decide what he wants the world to see and this isn't something like a reality show where it is edited and changed.

Do you think that he will ever come back to "Little People, Big World"? Are you shocked by the way he acted before? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when they air on TLC. You won't be saying Jacob on there, but you will get to know the rest of his family better on the show.