When it comes to bringing Korean pop culture to an international fan base, KCON is recognized as the most prominent leader. Known for having the largest Korean pop culture conventions worldwide, they have brought numerous K-pop acts to fans in foreign countries no other K-pop act has ever been to before such as the Middle East and South America.

In the United States, KCON presents two conventions. Right now, Hallyu fans are looking forward to KCON 2017 NY. Twice, CNBlue, GFriend, Highlight, KNK, UP10TION, SF9, Zion.T, and NCT 127 will be attending and will perform their most popular hits.

Despite the fact KCON 2017 NY has yet to take place as it is scheduled later this month on June 23 and 24, KCON is already working on the lineup for KCON 2017 LA. Just recently, the first two K-pop acts were announced for that venue: SF9 and Girl's Day.

KCON announces the first two K-pop acts for KCON 2017 LA!

The news of the K-pop acts attending KCON 2017 LA was first announced earlier this month on June 1. Along with SF9 and Girl's Day's announcement, the press release reiterated that the event will once again take place in the Staples Center, Los Angeles Convention Center, and the surrounding entertainment district. They also promised more panels and workshops than from previous KCON LA venues offering more on K-Beauty, K-Food, and even E-Sports (which is huge in South Korea as well as other parts of East Asia).

The first K-pop acts of KCON 2017 LA have made a name for themselves in Hallyu!

Starting with SF9, they are technically still a rookie boy band as they made their debut less than a year ago back in October of 2016. Formed under FNC Entertainment, they consist of nine members: Inseong, Youngbin, Dawon, Jaeyoon, Rowoon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani.

SF9's debut was a single album titled "Feeling Sensation" featuring the song "Fanfare." They followed up with two extended plays (EPs) this year, "Burning Sensation" in February and "Breaking Sensation" in April, featuring the songs "Roar" and "Easy Love" respectively. Both EPs peaked in the top ten for sales for both Korea and the United States.

On the other hand, Girl's Day is a veteran girl group formed back in 2010 under Dream Tea Entertainment. Formerly, seven members, the current lineup consists of Sojin, Yura, Mina, and Hyeri. Throughout their career, they have released numerous hit songs including "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Hug Me Once," "Expect," "Something," "Darling," and "Ring My Bell" in which all have sold more than one million digital copies each. They also endorsed over 20 brands including LG electronics, Pocky, and Lotte World.

Girl's Day's latest comeback was their seventh EP titled "Girl's Day Everyday #5" featuring the song "I'll Be Yours." The comeback was very important in their career as well as for their fans as it has been 21 months since their last comeback, "Love" back in 2015.

Despite the long hiatus, they did not lose a beat as their featured title track song charted at number three in South Korea.

KCON 2017 LA will take place on August 18 to 20. Tickets for both the festival and the concert will go on sale on July 7.