Jennifer Lawrence just survived an emergency situation when her private jet experienced an Engine Failure. On Saturday, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York. The 26-yeard old actress was on a flight which had taken her off from her hometown in Kentucky when one of the jet's engines shut down.

However, a representative of Lawrence has confirmed that the actress is perfectly fine amid the incident. Despite the double-engine failure, the pilot has managed to land the plane safely in New York.

Unscheduled landing

Jennifer Lawrence was visiting her family in Louisville, Kentucky when the plane incident happened.

At the height of 31,000 feet, the pilot confirmed that one of its engines was in trouble. Hence, the situation made the pilot decide for an emergency landing. On the other hand, the situation got even worse when the second engine failed in the middle of the flight.

Nevertheless, the pilot managed to land safely, and Lawrence came out from her private plane safe. It was confirmed that she was safe following the incident. Lawrence, who currently resides in New York, was in Kentucky for a family visit after she finished filming her current project, "Red Sparrow."

She had been shooting at different locations like Austria and Slovakia. However, she, unfortunately, had to experience such incident after so many flights that she had been into.

Enormous success of career

Lawrence is known for her successful movie sequel "Hunger Games." Since she starred in the film, she became known and had been experiencing great heights of her career. However, despite being popular, Lawrence is known for being humble and straightforward. She frequently visits her family and friends in Kentucky in order to stay away from the spotlight.

While many people looked up to her as a Hollywood star, Cindy Miller, her aunt, just revealed how simple she lived her life. Her aunt won't forget how Lawrence requested her mom for ramen noodles and sugar pops during those days when she came home.

Further, the actress has also made headlines in terms of her relationship status with Director Darren Aronofsky.

However, there had been no reports whether her boyfriend joined her during her ill-fated flight from Kentucky to New York.

Amid all these news, fans are a lot thankful that Lawrence was remained unharmed with the incident. Meanwhile, Colonel Steve Ganyard, the aviation expert, revealed that if the details are proven to be true, then it will be considered as a rare kind of engine failure.