Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult dating relationship became public during the time the "X-Men: First Class." The A-listers reportedly became close on the set and eventually became an official Hollywood couple. Fans were delighted to see them together and they were clearly an example of fresh, young love.

However, just like any other young love, the relationship had some turbulence and they reportedly broke up after filming the said movie. Later on, Lawrence and Hoult reportedly rekindled their romance when they began filming for "X-Men: Days Of Future Past." Eventually, the Hollywood couple broke up again because of their busy schedules.

Being two of the most in-demand celebrities in Hollywood is not all fun and games as it has obviously cost them their relationship as a couple. It was apparent, however, that their breakup ended amicably as they were continually seen still greeting each other warmly whenever they were seen in public meetings and special events. This is one of the reasons why their fans are still hopeful for a possible rekindling of their romance.

Moving on and dating new personalities

According to reports, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult dating lives have been quite active since their breakup. Lawrence was linked to "Coldplay" frontman, Chris Martin and film director, Darren Aronofsky. Meanwhile, Hoult is currently dating model, Bryana Holly.

Hoult and Holly reportedly started dating during the last part of 2016.

While it seems like it's quite impossible for Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult to rekindle their romance and start dating again, fans are hoping that they would take on a new movie project together. The possibility of a reunion via a movie project is still quite feasible, as both hold key roles in the "X-Men" movie franchise.

Five years down the drain

The relationship of the "Passengers" actress and the "Equals" actor took up almost five years of their lives, which is pretty impressive for celebrities like them. That said, sources close to the couple claim that the two had a hard time moving on from their relationship.

The friendship between Hoult and Lawrence reportedly remained the same, but their busy careers eventually took a toll on their friendship.

While there seems to be no immediate chance of the "Silver Lings Playbook" actress and "Mad Max: Fury Road" actor to get together soon, the fans are still not closing their doors and are still hoping for a reunion soon, possibly with a new "X-Men" movie.