Katy Perry is opening more about her personal life with her fans. Recently, she talked about her past suicidal thoughts during her therapy session.

According to a recent report from ABC News, Katy Perry has finally opened up about the personal happenings in her past and present life. The "Bon Appetit" hitmaker unveiled that she had some suicidal thoughts in the past.

Katy Perry admits desire to commit suicide in the past

The publication unveiled that Katy Perry revealed that she had suicidal thoughts in the past during her therapy session. Apparently, the "California Girls" singer stated that she has been participating in different activities including yoga with her friend, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

In a 96-hour YouTube event entitled, "Katy Perry-Witness World Wide," the video covered the happenings in her activities, which ended in the intimate concert located in Los Angeles.

One of the activities covered in the clip was her therapy session with Siri Sat Nam Singh. The 32-year-old pop hitmaker got emotional on her session with Singh and was seen crying in the video. "The One That Got Away" singer revealed that she had her share of her hard times, which were the reasons for her suicidal thoughts. She unveiled that the song "By the Grace of God" which she released in 2013 was inspired by the tough times of her life.

Perry even admitted that she feels ashamed knowing that she thought of committing suicide when she was facing depression.

The "Chained to the Rhythm" singer revealed that she just wanted to be loved during the hard moments of her life.

The "Last Friday Night" singer also stated that she struggled in being herself when she was just starting in her music career. She stated that she wanted to be her real self, Katheryn Hudson so badly and that she did not even want to look like the "Roar" singer at all.

The desire to change her persona is one of the reasons why she cut her hair short.

Perry even revealed that she is a different person compared to what the public thinks about her. She unveiled that she is a little nerd and that she is a huge goofball.

Perry apologizes to Taylor Swift

On the other hand, Perry also talked about her feud with Taylor Swift.

The "I Kissed A Girl" hitmaker unveiled that she forgives Swift and that she also apologizes for what she has ever done to her. She also hopes that the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer would feel the same as she still loves her and wants the best for Swift.

Katy Perry even unveiled that she thinks Taylor Swift is a fantastic writer. Fans are reportedly still hopeful that the two will be able to patch things up.