Hollywood famous pop singer Katy Perry recently revealed an emotional and a raw therapy session last Friday where she discussed her past struggles as a celebrity including her reasons why she cut her hair shorter.

The “Roar” singer has been live streaming her personal life on a YouTube channel for the past few days as reportedly part of her new “purposeful pop” album titled “Witness.” The pop star has been showing everything she’s doing in Los Angeles which includes her meditation, yoga classes, dance parties and even recorded her sleep.

The pressure of being a pop star

On June 10, Katy Perry shared the video on YouTube where she opened up about her personal life to Dr. Siri Singh, the host of Vineland's “The Therapist.” The video included an emotional chat between the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer and Dr. Singh. Together, they discussed the singer’s aspiration to live a more genuine life.

The 32-year-old singer also told Dr. Singh that she often feels divided between “Katheryn Hudson” and “Katy Perry, the pop star.” Perry also revealed that she decided to cut her long hair because she does not want to look like “Katy Perry” anymore, adding that the new haircut she has had provoked several people to abuse and hate her on social media.

“I’m a bit more nerdy than everybody thinks I am, I’m a big goofball,” Perry reportedly said.

Katy Perry also revealed her Suicidal Thoughts. She said she was ashamed that she felt so low and depressed.

At the end of the emotional session, Dr. Singh offered Perry a bowl filled with a stack of Angel Cards and the popstar singer pulled out “Freedom.”

Perry’s 'Witness' heading for no. 1 spot in Billboard 200

According to music industry forecasters, Katy Perry’s “Witness” is on course to debut at No.

1 on the chart of Billboard 200. Moreover, they suggested that the album, which was released on June 9 could launch in the chart with 225,000 album units.

The said chart ranks the most popular and latest albums of the week which is based on multi-metric consumption. This includes the traditional sales of the album, streaming equivalent albums and the track equivalent albums.

The result for the top 10 Billboard 200 chart, where the “Roar” singer could debut at number one spot, will be revealed on Billboard’s official website on June 18, Sunday.

If “Witness” gets the No.1 spot, it will give Katy Perry her third chart-topper album following her 2013 album titled “PRISM” and 2010 album titled “Teenage Dream.”