A representative of the “Hunger Games” star has confirmed Jennifer Lawrence is safe after being on a plane that suffered multiple Engine Failure.

What happened

According to a representative of the “Hunger Games’ actress, Jennifer was on a private plane leaving Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday after flying home to spend time with some of her family members. Mid-flight – while the private plane was roughly 31,000 feet in the air, one of the plane engines failed. According to Lawrence’s rep, the engine failures caused the pilots of the plane to make an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York.

It was not until the plane was in the process of the emergency landing that the second engine failed as well. While the plane was able to safely make the emergency landing, it is both unimaginable and unclear how devastating this could have been if the second engine had also failed while the plane was still 31,000 feet in the air.

FAA released a statement

Traditionally, the FAA does make statements when incidents like this occur. They, however, prefer not to release the names of individuals who were on the plane involved in the incident. The statement revealed that a Hawker Beechcraft B40 aircraft was able to make a safe emergency landing at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The statement revealed it was just before 2 p.m.

when the plane landed due to engine problems. The statement also confirmed that the plane had left Louisville and was headed towards New Jersey. The FAA noted that they will be investigating the incident in order to determine what happened to cause the plane to suffer multiple engine failure.

While there were emergency vehicles waiting for the plane to land, Jennifer Lawrence was able to walk away from the terrifying incident without injury.

According to Steve Ganyard – an aviation expert – what happened sounds like an “extremely rare” situation. Ganyard noted this is assuming all of the details that have been released about the multiple engine failure turn out to be true. He claimed it was not uncommon for airplanes to have one engine fail. In fact, that is why planes have more than one engine.

That second engine, however, is not supposed to fail.

Steve Ganyard notes that it is unclear to know how serious this incident could have been until the investigation is completed and all of the detail come out. Fortunately, this alarming incident came to a calm end and Jennifer Lawrence walked away without injury – free to continue to grace us on the big screen.