Tonight was the big season premiere of "I Am Jazz" and Jazz Jennings talked about if she wants to get Top And Bottom surgery done. Everyone has been curious about what Jazz is going to do and now she has it all figured out. Jazz met with two different doctors tonight to discuss options.

What did Jazz decide about surgeries?

Jazz Jennings made some pretty hard decisions tonight. She doesn't want to have top surgery done at all. Jazz is happy with what she has in that area and is going to just leave it like it is now. Now, she has a totally different opinion on the bottom surgery and is all for that one.

When asked about bottom surgery, Jazz was certain that she wants to get it done. She said that she 100% wanted to get the surgery. Her mom said she was a bit surprised because that is the first time she has ever heard her say that she was sure, but Jazz made it clear she knows what she wants. Tonight on the new episode, Jazz met with one doctor about the option of surgery, but he thinks she needs to see a different doctor for another kind of surgery.

How does her family feel about it?

Jazz's mom was all for the surgery and wants her to do it right away. She wants Jazz to still be living at home when she is recovering from the surgery. At first, her dad felt like she should wait until she was a bit older.

Once they talked to the doctor, he realized how serious Jazz is about it all and was just fine with the idea of her doing it at a younger age. It was pretty interesting to hear the family talk about it all.

Her mom also talked to her grandparents about the possible surgery. She told them, "I took her to her regular check up … and her estrogen is high and her testosterone is low and [the doctor] brought up bottom surgery and [Jazz was] like ‘100 percent I’m doing it.

I was like ‘What?’” They seemed fine with it, too. Her grandpa knows that for Jazz to be the person she wants to be that she will need to have the surgery done. It sounds like everyone will end up being fine with her doing it, but they just have to find the right doctor to help them out. Grandpa Jack said Jazz is ready if she feels ready for it.

What do you think of Jazz Jennings big decisions about top and bottom surgery? Do you feel like she is doing the right thing? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "I Am Jazz" when they air on Tuesday nights on TLC. This should be an interesting season as she tries to find the right doctor and answers for her surgery.