The princess of pop, Britney Spears, is well known for her stunning live performances and over-the-top concerts. However, the 35-year old singer has continually been the subject of ridicule due to her apparent lip-syncing at her concerts. Now, the Pop Icon has responded to critics and even revealed that she is "pissed off" by all of the accusations.

Setting it straight

During an interview with local Israeli television station to promote her concert, Spears tried to set the record straight by explaining that she does actually sing live during her concerts.

The singer mentioned that she finds it quite funny that a lot of people think that she doesn't sing during her performance due to the intensity of her dancing and choreography.

Spears then explains that there is actually a mixture of her voice and an actual playback of the song in the background. The "Hit Me Baby One More Time" singer then mentioned that she is "pissed off" by the fact that she isn't given credit for all the hard work she puts in during her concerts.

Videos don't lie

Despite her claims of actually singing during her concerts, several videos that have made it online seems to suggest the contrary. During a concert in Tokyo, Japan earlier in the month, the singer was actually caught on camera miming her performance of the song "I'm a Slave 4 U." In the middle of the song, Spear's microphone got caught in her hair, which led her to pause to fix the problem.

All the while, her voice remained audible and the song continued.

In another recorded instance during Spear's long-running Las Vegas concerts, the singer apparently forgot to hold the microphone to her face. However, her pitch-perfect voice still went out through the speakers.

Die-hard fans

Throughout the singer's 20-year career doing concerts and live shows, Spears hasn't really been lip-syncing in all of them.

Some fans are quick to defend the icon with numerous videos of her actually doing her own vocals. Even with the string of new evidence for some of her more questionable performances, fans still continue to flock the singer's different concerts.

Some fans apparently don't mind that Spears just mimes some of her songs as they still enjoy her epic dance moves and overall stage performances. The "Oops! I Did It Again" singer is scheduled to appear in Israel on July 3, a day before the country's elections, to further promote her ninth studio album, "Glory."