Jazz Jennings of the TLC show "I Am Jazz." has been wanting to get bottom surgery done for a long time. Now she is speaking out about the complications that go along with getting this done and this could explain why she hasn't done it yet. People shared the details about what Jazz had to say about this life changing surgery that she plans to get done as soon as she can.

Jazz speaks out about "the final step" she wants to do

Jazz Jennings is now 16 and she has been very open about how she wants to do this surgery eventually. Now that she is getting older it sounds like it could happen pretty soon.

During season 3 of "I Am Jazz," the fans are going to get to see her dealing with this big decision and getting it set up. She has talked about it in the past, but never taken it this serious and actually started working on getting it set up.

Jazz explained to People that there are a lot of complications that can go on with this surgery. They are trying to figure out if she has enough material to work with so that they can make it work. Basically, Jazz has been using hormone blockers, so she didn't develop like a normal male would in that area. She is hoping to get the surgery done but spending some time talking to the doctor about it all is going to be very important.

Has Jazz done the surgery yet?

She actually shared that she hasn't done it just yet, but that doesn't mean that she won't be doing it eventually. She shared that on this season of the show you will get to see her talk to doctors and get a consultation. The other thing she will do is end up talking to a surgeon and figuring out which one she wants to use when she does the surgery.

Jazz shared that her mom is nervous about it all. She said, "With any surgery, there’s always fears. And I know my mom, she’s especially fearful because she doesn’t like me going under anesthesia and all that stuff." Of course, any mom would worry if their kid had surgery. The viewers are going to love getting to see Jazz Jennings go through making this decision.

She is really excited about it all. This season will also focus on her doing a few other things like starting to date and learning to drive a car. It will be great to get to see Jazz going through all of this stuff.

Are you surprised to hear that Jazz Jennings is having issues with bottom surgery? Do you feel like she should get it done? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "I Am Jazz" when it starts airing at the end of June on TLC.