Beyonce, 35, is expecting to give birth to twins any day now. It has been reported that the singer and her musician husband Jay Z, 47, are allowing their five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy to be in the Delivery room to watch the birth of her siblings so she won't feel left out. They want her to be involved in what they are calling a magical family moment. It was also reported that the couple spent $1,050 on a Givenchy nurse's outfit for their daughter to wear in the delivery room.

Parenting: expert advice

If that is true and the parents really are planning for their young daughter to be in the delivery room, a parenting expert says that it is a very bad idea.

People don't have to be a parenting expert to know that allowing a five-year-old child in the delivery room is not a good idea. Besides, the hospital might not allow it.

A psychologist says there is the danger of a young child becoming traumatized by the experience, and it could affect the child in numerous ways. For instance, there is the risk of her becoming so fearful that it might lead her to make the decision not to have children of her own later in life.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Abigael San said blue ivy's parents might want to rethink their decision because their plan might backfire. Anxiety might not be evident right away, but it could show up later. Dr. San indicated that it could cause anger and resentment to see her mother in pain.

Instead of loving the twins after they are born, she might blame them for causing the pain. It might not be such a bad idea if Blue Ivy was much older, but 5-years-old is just too young for her to be subjected to what goes on in a delivery room.

Idea off the Richter scale

Beyonce is known to go over the top when it comes to a lot of things, but this idea is certainly one that has gone off the Richter scale.

Perhaps Beyonce's mother or sister can advise her against it unless they also think it is a good idea. Having a child that young in the delivery room would be just one more thing that the medical personnel will have to be concerned about when they should be focusing on the delivery of two babies.

Wendy Williams' suggestion

On her show on Wednesday, June 7, Wendy Williams did not mince her words.

She came right out and said the idea was a dumb one. The outspoken talk show host suggested that Blue Ivy's aunt, Solange, could take the child on an outing for the day. For instance, the little girl can be taken to Chuck E. Cheese's or to a puppet show -- something fun instead of being in the delivery room.