For the first time in three years, Andrea Constand took the witness stand against Bill Cosby on Tuesday. The 44-year-old massage therapist from Toronto dramatically told her story from the moment she met the famous American stand-up comedian up until the sexual assault. The narrative is eerily similar to Cosby's alleged attempt at molesting other women while being drugged, an accusation that he has denied since day one.

We started out as friends

During the hearing, Constand detailed how she and Cosby met and became friends.

According to her statement as reported by CNN, she met the actor when she was running the operations for Philadelphia Temple University women's basketball team in 2002. Her friendship with the accused continued through dinner invitations and social engagement in which he mentored her for a sports broadcasting career. But in January 2004, things turned to worse when he allegedly gave her three pills and penetrated her with his fingers.

The testimony provided the public of how the actor allegedly befriends his victims before sexually assaulting them. Other women who accuse the famous personality of the same violation have only appeared on separated op-eds and TV appearances. Constand's account enables us to see the comedian in a different light, a darker and more perverse version of Bill Cosby, a respected actor that has entertained millions of Americans for the past decades.

Three counts of aggravated indecent assault

If found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, Cosby could face a decade in jail. Constand remembered how she trusted the celebrity as a "mentor" and "somewhat of an older figure." The actor served as a trustee at the Pennsylvania school, wherein the stand-up comedian started calling her about school issues.

She added that Cosby would soon come to inquire about her personal life. Often the actor would introduce her to influential people around the area, or bring her to trips on which he partly subsidized. Constand showed her appreciation by calling the actor or giving him gifts such as bath salts and Temple apparel.

During that time, however, Constand already had suspicions of Cosby's actions.

She told the court about the time he invited her to a show at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut wherein she was asked to share baked goods in his room. During that period, the actor would lay back on the bed and brush his knee against her leg. She added that Cosby would invite her to his mansion and have a chef prepare a meal that she would eat by herself. Cosby would occasionally check on her during the awkward dinners.

'I wasn't able to.'

The testimony culminated on the night of the alleged sexual assault in January 2004. She recalled that Cosby handed her three blue pills after a dinner at his home. She would ask about the pills, but the actor would insist on taking the pills, Constand said that she trusted him and swallowed them all.

After ingesting the pills, she felt dizzy and had trouble seeing the actor, "I began slurring my words... My mouth was very cottony," the accuser recalled. He led her to the couch and helped her lie down, she lost consciousness but woke up when she felt Cosby's hand groping her breasts. She added that she felt his hand inside her vagina, moments later the actor took her hand and placed it on his penis where he "moved it back and forth."

When asked why she was not able to stop the sexual assault, Constand replied that she wasn't able to, a possible scenario for Cosby's other victims. She was finally able to summon her strength hours later at 5 a.m. She walked out the door and said Cosby was waiting for her in the kitchen and offered her muffin and tea.

She had a few bites and took off in a hurry.

When asked why it took her a year to testify in court, Constand answered that she was afraid that Mr. Cosby would retaliate and try to hurt her. "What happened to me... it was overwhelming."