"Criminal Minds" is a crime drama, which began in September 2005. It was originally picked up by CBS, who remains with it to this day. With season 12 over "Criminal Minds" has shockingly been picked up for yet another season. One has to ask is yet another season necessary?

The loss of leader Aaron Hotchner and Derek Morgan

Seasons 11 and 12 saw the departure of fan favorites Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) and Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore). These two characters have been on "Criminal Minds" since the very beginning and to progress the series without them was a bold move made by CBS.

Leader Aaron Hotchner was the crux of the team from the start of the series. Finding a replacement for this role in the series was no doubt a challenge but it had the potential to freshen up the series. However, when old comrade Emily Prentiss, played by Paget Brewster, took the lead it became apparent that "Criminal Minds" was trying to recreate its roots, thus compromising this opportunity for change. Similarly, the loss of character Derek Morgan was an irreplaceable one. Shemar Moore brought something to the character of Morgan that allowed him to be strong yet vulnerable. This and his big brother relationship with Reid, and witty banter with Garcia created a connection between this character and the audience.

'Criminal Minds' should have ended on a high

"Criminal Minds" has been stretched for twelve seasons and has now been picked up for season 13. The series has steadily been losing fans as the years have gone by, as is the nature of long standing shows. However, as of the later seasons there was a feeling of drag with the systematic formula presented to the audience.

"Criminal Minds" is not the only show that is aired long after it should have ended. As each season progresses the "Criminal Minds" the audience came to know becomes more distorted.

There has been a steady increase of comments from fans that the show is simply not what it used to be. The core fan base remains true and one can only wonder is this out of a sense of routine and obligation?

The show had the opportunity to end around its eighth or ninth season on a high with the original characters still together as one unit. The cycle of the series would be complete instead of the current underwhelming status of the show.

Beloved characters of the show have departed and the difference onscreen is noted. "Criminal Minds" appears to be in a desperate bid to reinvent itself as it airs extreme story lines such as season 12's arc where Reid goes to prison for murder. As the series struggles to maintain the original edge it has already lost, one can only hope that Season 13 might finally end the struggle.