Acclaimed filmmaker Trey Edward Shults' new horror thriller "It Comes at Night" was released on June 09, 2017, in the United States. The movie features Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Kelvin Harrison Junior, Carmen Ejogo and David Pendleton in the lead roles. The director himself has written the script of the movie, while Drew Daniels has cranked the camera.

This film creates tension out of some strange questions in the minds of viewers, and by the end of the running time, many of them went unanswered, but they revealed one or two twists were enough to send chilling shocks through the spines of the viewers.

This movie solidifies Shults as an excellent craftsman, and the harrowing atmosphere he created with the visuals takes him to the level of James Wan, a master in directing horror flicks.

A mind blowing story of horror, screams, and fear

The world is not the same anymore, and due to an unknown illness like the plague, most of the lives in the world have already been extinct. Things were fine in the life of Paul and his family until the day an unknown family knocked their doors as refugees.

From then, unexpected things start happening in their house, and the positive air in their interiors slowly fade away which paved the path for the dark forces to enter the scene.

The fear of the disease spreading starts ruling everyone's mind, and it pulls all of them to a state of dilemma. Even in the best intentions of both the families, paranoia boils over their house, and finally, Paul realizes that the protection of his family comes at the price of his soul.

Trey's impeccable movie making style

The genre of Isolated, paranoid psychological breakdown is a very familiar premise for horror films, but it is Trey's ability to balance literary and metaphorical horror which makes this movie unique and extraordinary.

Several renowned critics from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes have called "It Comes at Night," the most well-made horror flick of the year, and it is undoubtedly a spectacular achievement for Trey and his crew.

Box-office prediction

"It Comes at Night" is locking horns with Tom Cruise's "The Mummy" and Kate Mara's "Megan Leavey" at the box-office.

Even in the midst of this immense competition, "It Comes at Night" has managed to have its release in 2553 centers. Trade experts predict that this flick will gross around $12 million at the United States box-office in its opening weekend.