Scarlett Johansson is definitely back in the dating game. The actress stepped out on a date night together with a mystery man, Kevin Yorn, who is believed to be an A-list lawyer. Both were seen having a romantic dinner in New York City, at Scalinatella over the weekend. Later on, both romantically hold hands as they strolled along the streets just like how newly dating teens usually do.

To recall, Johansson filed for a divorce early this year to her estranged husband, Romain Dauriac. Eventually, the actress had put herself into several dates and admitted she has no plans to keep her beauty and her life on a shelf.

She was also reported dating "Saturday Night Live" icon, Collin Jost. Nonetheless, none of these men were as attractive as this high-powered lawyer.

Romantic date

Despite the fact that both had been spotted in PDA's lately, Johansson decided to keep the identity of Yorn in private. However, it is safe to say that both were looking so romantic on that particular night out in New York City. "The Avengers" actress kept the date casual on her stripped dress. On the other hand, Yorn sported a casual look as he wore a simple jean shirt and dark pants.

Both were having a deep talk while enjoying the cold air in the streets of New York. At one point, Johansson was seen jokingly racing ahead of Yorn as they crossed the street.

Despite being linked to other guys before, fans are still happy to know that Johansson has taken herself out of the shell and is finally moving on.

Divorce case

The actress also faced an ill-fated relationship with her former husband, Dauriac. For the past months, she had been a court battle over their divorce case. It was in March when Johansson decided to file for a divorce following their split over a French journalist in the summer of 2015.

To recall, they had been married for two years, and they share a daughter named Rose who was born in 2014. For the meantime, the negotiations between with their case are currently going on. Fans are hoping that the divorce case will be granted for Johansson to live a free life with Yorn finally.

Meanwhile, most of her fans look forward to more romantic nights between the actress and the mystery lawyer.

Further, Kevin Yorn, being Johansson's new man, could be the right person for the actress to move on with her past relationships finally.

Amid the news, Johansson is yet to give comments and feedback about her romantic relationship with this new found man.