It took only two years of marriage for actress Scarlett Johansson to decide that, for now, the single life better suits her. The talented movie star just may end up becoming a single mother in the near future as the actress has reportedly filed for a Divorce from her estranged husband, Romain Dauriac of France.

Scarlett Johansson married Romain Dauriac about two years ago

According to People, which scooped the story from Page Six, Johansson's lawyer, Judith Poller, gave notice of the impending divorce paperwork directly to Romain Dauriac’s legal counsel, Harold Mayerson, at some point on Tuesday, March 7.

The divorce is complicated by the two year old daughter the couple share, Rose Dorothy Dauriac, and as many people know, divorce is often more difficult for the children than the adults. It's being reported that Dauriac would like to have custody of his daughter and live with her in France. The complication listed by Johansson's attorney with this situation is that her client is a very busy individual and often travels the world. It's unknown what sort of contentious custody arrangement is in the family's future.

The rise and fall of Johansson's marriage

Romain Dauriac has been linked to a relationship with Scarlett Johansson since the couple were spotted together in New York City back in late 2012 during an October lunch date.

By the end of the next year the actress was seen with an engagement ring on her finger and in 2014, during an exclusive and very private wedding ceremony, the couple tied the knot. As we all know, most knots can be untied. The couple has been separated now for a few months and living their lives on their own.

What's next for the actress?

The good news, if any, coming from this report is that is seems the couple may be headed for a rather amicable divorce, which would obviously be in the best interest of their daughter. Not long after the couple separated they were spotted together during an art show in an act of support. Reports seem to indicate that is was Scarlett who initiated the separation, which indicates that the actress felt the relationship just wasn't the right one for her right now.

Previously the actress was temporarily the wife of actor Ryan Reynolds of "Deadpool" fame and their relationship lasted about three years during 2008 to 2011, but never led to any children. A successful actress, especially known lately for her role as Black Widow on the "Avengers," "Captain America" and "Iron Man" movies, Johansson will surely be moving on to new and exciting things in the future.