Fans are hyped for the upcoming release of “Narcos” season 3 on Netflix which is expected to air later this year. Despite the fact that Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) won’t be in the third season, executive producer Eric Newman revealed that fans can look forward to the upcoming season because there are more stories to tell.

The confirmation of another season 3 and 4 of the show means the “Narcos” will continue after Pablo Escobar’s death. However, it only brings more curiosity as to what will happen next in the series that, so far, has breathed and lived only for the drug kingpin and his Medellin cartel.

CIA takes over

The season 2 finale brought an end to Escobar's two-season story. It was noted that this was a setup to introduce the rising rival of Medellin cartel, Cali cartel. According to history as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Cali cartel took over after Medellin, dominating the drug-trafficking business and becoming responsible for almost 90 percent cocaine in the United States.

Newman revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, as cited by Express UK, that he was fascinated by the bigger agenda exposed on the second season of “Narcos.” He said: "With the CIA, it's about, what’s really at stake? It’s never just about cocaine. It’s about money way before it’s about cocaine."

In the second season, CIA station chief Bill Stechner, portrayed by Eric Lange, set himself up as a formidable foe to DEA and Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal).

Newman added that CIA will be more involved with the plot of the series.

Wagner Moura for Emmys 2017

Though Wagner Moura won’t be around when “Narcos” season 3 returns on Netflix, he resurfaced for the Emmys 2017. His name was submitted by “Narcos” producers and Netflix for consideration as Best Actor.

According to a report by Gold Derby, he was endorsed for the lead actor category in the upcoming awards ceremony.

The producers of the crime web series also submitted named of Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal), Boyd Holbrook (Steve Murphy), Eric Lange (Bill Stechner) and Maurice Compte (Horacio Carrillo) for the Best Supporting Actor category.

The Christian Post reported that it would be the last year for Wagner’s nomination since he is no longer part of “Narcos” season 3.

The report added that his chances are not easy to determine as his contenders include Sterling K. Brown from “This is Us,” Anthony Hopkins of “Westworld,” Dan Stevens of “Legion,” Matthew Rhys of “The Americans,” Matth Smith of “The Crown,” and Justin Theroux of “The Leftovers.”