jay z is a new and a happy father to Beyoncé’s baby Twins. Finally, Jay Z has held his arms on the son that he has longed to have with his wife. Apparently, the little angel has brought the new dad in tears as he held him for the first time. He was already thinking of all the things that he wishes to teach his son and daughter as they grow up.

A report from Hollywood Life revealed that Jay Z just cannot describe the happiness he felt. He wanted to take these angels to anywhere he goes, and he wanted to do all wonderful things for them. Jay Z, who grew up without a father, was very emotional as he told himself that his twins would never have the same kind of fate.

Guidance of a loving dad

For those who had just met the twins, most of them shared their views that it looked closely like Jay Z. Amid the fact that Beyoncé was stuck in the hospital as she gave birth, it was indeed one of the best father's day for Jay. Right now, he could not only adore his daughters, together with Blue Ivy but most importantly, he could have the chance to create a special bond to his new son.

Further, it was known that the new dad had to skip the prestigious induction of Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 15 since he chooses to stay beside his loving wife in the hospital. Meanwhile, Jay was also spotted leaving the hospital on June 19, and it is good to know that Beyoncé and the twins are in good condition.

The Carter Twins

For the meantime, the twins' names are yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, the rapper was pictured in all smiles as these angels arrived back on June 12. The news was confirmed by Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, that Queen Bey has finally given birth.

Amid the excitement, the twins had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days due to some minor issues.

Nevertheless, the doctors assured the superstar parents that their babies are doing well. For more than a week of being stuck in Los Angeles hospital, Beyoncé is indeed very much eager to bring her angels back home.

On the other hand, Jay Z has kept an eye over his wife and twins and has stayed inside the hospital every day.

As of now, the couple has to follow the doctors' orders to make sure that the newborn twins will be safe, healthy, and strong. Further, the couple also looks forward that they can go home the soonest time possible.

Also, Beyoncé and Jay Z are yet to comment on the news and might as well give more details about the twins including their names. Stay tuned for more updates.