It is getting a lot closer to Molly Roloff's big wedding and the fans of "Little People, Big World" want to get to know the man she will marry. Molly is engaged to Joel Silvius, and now you can get to know more about Joel. The Roloff family is pretty open about their lives, but since Molly doesn't live near them now, you just don't get to see her and her fiance on the show near as much as everyone would like to see them. Molly already has a new nephew and has a niece on the way.

Details about Joel Silvius

Even though Molly hasn't shared where they met, but it appears that they met at while they were both undergraduate students at Whitworth University.

Right now, they live in Spokane, Washington, which means that they aren't on the show all the time. The fans are hoping that when Joel and Molly get married, it will air on "Little People, Big World." Their wedding is happening on August 5, which isn't very far away. They got engaged last December.

Jacob Roloff has totally distanced himself from the show and wants nothing to do with it. That being said, he is still close with his family and just doesn't let that part of their life be on the show. Molly Roloff isn't like that at all, and you can assume that she would be on the show a lot more if she lived in Portland with the rest of her family.

Molly's big wedding is going to end up happening in Washington and not on the Roloff family farm.

Molly and Joel live up there. Joel works as a reporting analyst and Molly works in an accounting job. It is probably a lot easier for them to plan the wedding there and at home and then have the family come to them for the big day. Fans just really hope that the TLC cameras go as well.

What does Molly's mom Amy think of Joel?

It turns out that Amy Roloff is obviously a pretty big fan of Joel Silvius.

When they two got engaged, Amy shared about it along with the caption, "My baby girl. My best birthday gift ever (we share same bday) My Molly girl... is home for Christmas AND she is engaged to be married. Woohoo! So happy for her. Joel is one lucky man to capture her heart. Yes he's a great guy. Love Love her forever & always #secondact #shesgettingmarried #mybabygirl #awedding #mollyandjoel." You can tell that she is obviously a fan.

What do you think of Molly Roloff's new fiance Joel Silvius? Do you feel like Molly has found her perfect match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" on TLC.

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