"Gossip Girl" may have aired its last episode in 2012, but its popularity is still reverberating up until now, even sparking speculations of a reboot. The fact that it's currently one of the most popular series streamed online, a whole new demographic of teenage girls have reportedly been hooked to Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen's complicated social lives. Just the mere thought of a "Gossip Girl" reboot is making the fans excited for the upcoming episodes. Of course, it is expected that new actresses will play the lead roles, following the footsteps of the original Blair and Serena tandem.

Leighton Meester played the role of spoiled and bratty socialite, Blair Waldorf, while Blake Lively played the role of the well-loved socialite with a lot of secrets, Serena van der Woodsen. Currently, they are now celebrating a whole new stage of their life, far from the roles that they used to play in "Gossip Girl." That said, if ever there's going to a be a series reboot, fans can expect a whole new cast of characters.

Reboot or season 7?

While a reboot may seem more likely to happen, there are also fans who are clamoring for season 7. If there's going to be "Gossip Girl" season 7, it would mean that showrunners will have to gather all the main characters in the series to film and shoot for new episodes.

According to reports, some of the main characters are currently busy with their respective projects, which means that it would be quite a feat to round them up for a "Gossip Girl" season 7. In fact, Ed Westwick, who played the role of Blair Waldorf's love interest, Chuck Bass, has downplayed the possibility of him reprising his role in reboot since he is currently busy with "Dynasty" reboot. Leighton Meester also seems to be on the same page with Ed Westwick, politely saying no when she was asked in an interview if she would be willing to reprise her role as Blair Waldorf in a reboot.

Blake Lively open for reboot

While Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester have decided to cut ties with "Gossip Girl," it appears that there's still one cast member who is willing to reprise her role in a reboot, and that is no other than Blake Lively. Although she did not say outright that she would be willing to work long hours again to reprise her role as Serena van der Woodsen, her optimism and "why not?" attitude has sparked a lot of praises from the series diehards. As of writing, it looks like the future of a "Gossip Girl" reboot might be a little bleak, but as one famous line says - never say never.