george clooney is a famous actor best known for his roles in "Oceans Eleven" and "The Descendants". Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in 2016 and the pair has recently become parents to twins, Ella and Alexander. Clooney is currently living with his family in England but it appears the star no longer feels safe there. Fearing for the safety of his family, the star is considering moving them elsewhere.

Clooney fears for his twins Ella and Alexander

According to Lifestyle, George Clooney has been making plans to move his family from England to LA. The star no longer feels like his twins Ella and Alexander are safe in their home in England.

For long-time followers of George Clooney, this does not come as a huge surprise. The Oscar-winning actor has received serious threats in the past. Now that he has recently become a father these threats have taken on another dimension as he fears for his children. Although the Clooney family are living out in the countryside George still feels they would be more secure in LA.

George Clooney has received threats because of the work he does in countries such as Sudan. His wife, Amal also works as an international human rights lawyer. This combined with Clooney's humanitarian efforts abroad has made the family an easy target. Both parents are afraid for their children and are putting their safety above anything else.

The new father is not taking any risk

According to a source who is close to the Clooney family, George has wanted a family for a long time. In just two years that dream has been realized as he married Amal and became a father. Clooney was always aware of the threats directed at him and his wife, however, once the twins arrived his protective instincts kicked in with vigor.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the father went as far as hiring Secret Service members to look into all of his properties and ensure that the family would be properly protected with the right equipment.

Other changes that Clooney made since he became a father surround his travels. George has stated that he will no longer be traveling to dangerous countries such as South Sudan and the Congo.

Similarly, wife Amal will no longer be going to Iraq or other countries where the lawyer would not be welcomed.

The recent terror attacks in London have also played a part in Clooney's decision for his family. The star will be selling his £17 million home in Berkshire and making the move to LA where he feels they will be much safer.