After almost three years of marriage, george clooney and wife, amal alamuddin, are finally expecting not one but two little angels which they gladly announced to the public in February. While family, friends, and fans are happy about the baby news, the actor's good friend, Cindy Crawford, hinted that the pregnancy was not planned and might actually came as a shock to the couple.

George Clooney broke every woman's hearts when he finally settled down and married Amal Alamuddin in 2014. Once dubbed as "Hollywood's Hottest Bachelor," the "Money Monster" star is now going to add "daddy" to his already impressive achievements.

However, a new report claims that the pregnancy is unplanned and that the actor is not ready to become a father yet.

George Clooney not ready for fatherhood?

E! News has previously caught up with the former supermodel and her husband, Rande Gerber, to get their reaction about Amal Alamuddin's pregnancy. The couple was clearly happy about the baby news but noted that the 55-year-old actor, filmmaker, and activist will be having a rough time with daddy duties.

"I'm very excited. Obviously, we're friends of parenthood. I think it's incredible for George and it really took Amal, I think," Cindy Crawford told the site. "It was like all of a sudden he might get married and he might have a family. It's incredible.

We are very excited for them." Rande Gerber then jokingly added, "I'm not sure he'll be changing diapers."

Amal Alamuddin embraces growing baby bump

Meanwhile, George Clooney's wife has been a fashion icon ever since the public first caught a glimpse of her with the "Ocean's Thirteen" actor. Even with a growing baby bump, the 39-year-old barrister is rocking the pregnant fashion.

Amal Alamuddin didn't try to hide her very pregnant belly but wore clothes that are comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

The lawyer's tiny frame had been a subject of scrutiny for quite awhile, most especially now that she's carrying two precious babies in her tummy. But despite the backlash, Amal Alamuddin didn't mind the negative comments and just enjoyed her pregnancy.