It has been months since Spencer Cassadine has been on "General Hospital," but he is returning this week and fans are happy to see him in Port Charles once again. According to SheKnows Soaps, Laura will be getting a surprise visitor -- her adorable grandson. It looks like she is not expecting him to show up, but this guy does what he wants most of the time. Is he back for just a visit or is there more to it?

Back home in Port Charles

The last time Spencer was seen on "General Hospital" was when he was sent off to boarding school far away from Port Charles.

Laura was afraid for him since Valentin Cassadine was then after the little guy. Since that time, Valentin has taken over Wyndemere and has been living there ever since with his family. However, Valentin has his own set of problems now that he is supposedly on the run with Charlotte. He may be arrested soon. What does this mean for Spencer?

Since his dad, Nikolas, supposedly died at the hands of Valentin, Spencer had been living at Wyndemere with his grandmother until Valentin took the mansion away from them. Now he doesn't have that home to go to, but Laura will welcome him with open arms at her new place.

Why is he back?

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Spencer has a reason for coming back home and that he brings with him a few surprises.

What will they be? Knowing this boy, it is sure to be interesting. He is very resourceful and can charm anyone into doing what he wants, except for his grandmother. She seems to catch on pretty quickly as to what Spencer is up to.

We know that Spencer never sent that magic kit to Jake Webber for his birthday. Laura did say that he wanted to give Jake his gift in person, so this could be the reason that he returns.

Could Spencer still be in danger from Valentin? That was the reason that he was sent off to boarding school -- to keep him safe from Valentin. However, Valentin turned out to be kind of a nice guy, sort of. The jury is still out on that. Would Valentin still want to hurt Spencer?

Will Spencer bring along more than just a birthday present?

There has been many speculations recently that Nikolas Cassadine is still alive and either hiding out, or he is being held captive somewhere. Whether Tyler Christopher comes back or they recast his longtime role, fans would love to see Nik return. Rumors have been swirling that maybe he really is alive and Spencer knows it. While it may be pretty far-fetched to think that this could be true, you just never know if Spencer will announce the surprising news that his dad isn't dead after all.

Are you happy that Nicolas Bechtel is back as Spencer on "General Hospital"? Be sure to watch this week to see what happens.