"General Hospital" spoilers are revealing a key player could be exiting Port Charles. Several speculations have been swirling, but it seems to be about Michael Easton. He came on board with Roger Howarth, which means their contracts are up for renewal around the same time and because one has already been ironed out, it looks like Easton is the actor in question. Now, this could go down to the wire like it did with his pal Howarth, but rumors are that Easton is unhappy with the way things have gone for Hamilton Finn.

Not Easton's first "General Hospital" exit

Michael Easton has been on and off "General Hospital" since his exit from "One Life to Live" when the show was canceled. He was brought over from Llanview and actually remained John McBain. There was a dispute between ABC and the company who bought the rights to both defunct ABC soaps and because John McBain was a character on one of those shows, he had to exit. A few weeks later, he was back at Dr. Silas Clay. Easton was in that role for a while before he was killed off and exited the show. He was asked back and has been around for roughly a year as Hamilton Finn.

The news of Michael Easton's possible departure from "General Hospital" has some fans bummed.

He has been a fan-favorite throughout his work in daytime television. While he has been getting less screen time, he is smack in the middle of a pregnancy storyline with Hayden (Rebecca Budig). She just confirmed to him that she decided to keep their child and it appeared the two were going to be parents. Finn voiced some concern over raising a child, which could be used as an exit strategy.

Other names being tossed around

While Michael Easton isn't the only name being talked about, he is one of the likely ones to go. William deVry plays Julian Jerome and he is currently in contract talks as well. His storyline has been over since February sweeps and he has only been seen in Port Charles a handful of time since.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ryan Paevey, Maurice Benard, Robert Palmer Watkins, and Billy Miller are all staying with "General Hospital."

However this plays out, Micheal Easton will have the support from fans. When he left last time, fans followed him via his Facebook page and showed up to support his projects. He has a lot more going on than his role as Hamilton Finn, and it may be time for him to move on. Right now, this is all rumor, but speculation is more information will be available sooner rather than later.