"Wonder Woman" had never graced the big screen in her own blockbuster Movie. As shocking as that may seem, superheroes have always been the territory of a perceived "boys club," with fans conflating strength with manliness. The world felt ready for a major female superhero, but there were still some broad concerns heading into the release of "Wonder Woman," which were quickly answered by Gal Gadot's grace and Patty Jenkins' directing triumph.

About the movie

"Wonder Woman" is an action adventure (and period) superhero film. Just the second movie directed by Patty Jenkins ("Monster"), the film was released across theaters on June 2, 2017.

While living the live of an Amazon warrior and princess on a mystical island, the peace of Diana is shattered by the arrival of a man, as well as a group of Germans chasing that man to his death. After Steve Trevor's life is saved, Diana learns of the terrible war (World War I) taking place in another world and believes it is her legacy to kill Ares, the God of War, to end the fighting. As she enters the war, Wonder Woman learns everything - from love to war - is not as black and white as it once seemed.

A wondrous "Wonder Woman"

Heading into the movie, there was a concern about Gadot's ability to play Wonder Woman. While she held down minor action roles in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise, she was primarily known for being an Israeli model, not an actress.

If she was trotted out on the screen to be a sex symbol, the evolution of the female superhero would be set back years.

That concern proved to be unfounded. While there were comments about Gadot's obvious beauty, the gawking quickly turned into earned respect as the men around Wonder Woman discovered how strong, graceful, and moralistic she was.

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Her looks were noticeable, but her inner strength is what made her Wonder Woman.

Gadot deserves a lot of credit for the character's success in the movie. She appeared to be unflappable in assuming the sword and the shield that comes with the Wonder Woman name. Meanwhile, she added the perfect amount of wit and charm to the role.

Considering a superhero a role model is a tricky proposition - real people should be heroes, but that doesn't stop kids from emulating those in capes. That being said, this is a superhero that has earned their place on that pantheon.

Patty Jenkins' vision is another big reason why the movie worked. As the first woman to ever direct a summer superhero blockbuster, a lot of responsibility was placed in her lap. She created a world that was both realistic and entertaining for its time. Who knows why she doesn't direct more films - she killed it on this one.

The rest of the supporting cast is hit and miss. Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor, puts in the usual caliber performance of the superhero sidekick.

Said Taghmaoui's Sameer could have been more developed, while Ewen Bremner's PTSD-suffering Charlie could have been less featured. Additionally, Robin Wright was neither good nor bad as General Antiope and Wonder Woman's mother, but once she's gone, she's GONE.

Superhero movie fatigue

Unfortunately, by virtue of being a superhero movie, "Wonder Woman" slips into the same pitfalls as its predecessors. There are some plot holes that are largely insignificant, but still serve as nuisances. For instance, how come she starts as a young girl, becomes a woman, and then stops aging? That should at least be explained at some point.

Additionally, the action sequences can feel superfluous and overproduced, especially the final battle.

It's hard to keep the movie grounded when strange pyrotechnics are flying through the sky. Also, did anyone else think there was a time when the villain was armored up in a way that made him look identical to the demon figure in "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword?"

Final thoughts on "Wonder Woman"

Overall, "Wonder Woman" can't just be considered a great female-led superhero movie. It also has to be considered one of the best superhero films in recent memory. DC movies have tended to be dark and brooding, trying more to be some sort of cinematic masterpiece rather than a fun superhero romp. This is simply a fun and enjoyable superhero flick, just like they almost all should be.

Rating: A-