Ever since Valentine Cassidine showed up on "General Hospital," there has been a feeling that something ominous is looming in the air. Coinciding with his arrival has been increased focus on something called the Chimera. On Wednesday during the Nurses Ball, Valentine's daughter Charlotte unleashed this monster on the city.

The dots connect everyone to the Chimera

For several months Anna Devane ha been targeting Valentine Cassidine. She bugged his home, and later a watch. She followed him and even showed up in advance to places he was headed. She badgered him relentlessly to tell her who he sold the Chimera to.

It seems Anna and Valentine worked together as spies in decades gone by. Anna believes she could seduce Mr. Cassadine into telling her where the deadly Chimera is. It was later revealed that it was not Anna but her twin Alex who was pumping Valentine for information. Now the real Anna is taking over where her sister left off.

During this same time, Jake Spencer received a magic kit in the mail that is supposed to have come from his cousin Spencer. Inside along with the magic tricks is a canister with an image of the Chimera on it. Jake does not allow anyone to see the canister. And he says he will reveal all during his act at the Nurses Ball. Jake drew the Chimera one night and his father Jason later saw it on a tree on Cassadine Island. So the dots are beginning to connect.

The Nurses Ball

At the nurse's ball, Spencer is nervous about his magic act. While he is talking to his parents, his assistants Charlotte and Emma open his magic kit. By the time Spencer makes his way backstage, Charlotte had pushed a button and released the Chimera. Lights begin flashing at the bottom of the canister. Emma and Charlotte are fascinated, but Jake screams "No!" Some viewers believed the Chimera was a toxic gas, but nothing came forth only those blinking lights.

Whatever it is, has now been unleashed at the Nurses Ball. Spoiler alerts indicate that Charlotte will be collateral damage so this thing must be powerful. "General Hospital" is famous for putting the people of Port Charles in grave danger. Over the years there have been bombs on boats, terrorists holding victims captive, floods and mass shootings.

Everyone is eager to find out just what the Chimera is, and to watch the effects it will have on the attendees of the Nurses Ball. Thursday and Friday's episodes of GH will be the ones with all the answers.

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