"General Hospital" fans have been wondering for months when Maxie Jones will return to Port Charles. There have been rumors, wishful thinking, speculation and spoiler alerts indicating that kirsten storms will reprise her role but so far nothing has actually been confirmed.

The Nurses Ball

It would seem likely that Maxie would make her return at the Nurses Ball, during May Sweeps. Each year in May, there are intriguing storylines that boost ratings. Lucy Coe hosts the event and it always has something tragic happen. She has been locked in closets, lost her clothing, and been caught in compromising positions.

Life changing storylines take place during this annual fundraiser for Aids. They include Robin Scorpio returning from the dead as her husband Patrick proposes to Sabrina, Lucas Jones proposing to Brad, and Felicia choosing Mac Scorpio over her ex-husband, Frisco Jones. You never know what will happen at the Nurses Ball, so it's best to expect the unexpected. Fans of Kirsten Storms are hoping she will return to Port Charles and her husband soon.

Does anyone know what is going on with Kirsten Storms?

Neither "General Hospital" nor Kirsten Storms has given an official reason for this exit from her role as Maxie Jones. For this reason the rumor mill has been busy. It's been suggested that Kirsten is having a hard time dealing with the breakup of her marriage, is being treated for severe acne, or is dealing with depression.

Most recently some have insinuated that she may have been doing drugs.

Kirsten was MIA from social media for a while, but resurfaced during the last 30 days with random tweets. Nothing has been said about her return date to GH. Last week on the show, Nathan received a phone call that was supposed to be from Maxie. He says she told him she would be delayed in Portland, and not sure when she would return to Port Charles.

There is a reason that neither Kirsten nor General Hospital have verified the date of her return. Either it is a well kept secret for May sweeps, or perhaps Maxie is not coming back. Bradford Anderson, who portrays Damian Spinelli, Maxie's baby daddy has been confirmed to soon be back in Port Charles. Maybe the reason he is headed back to Port Charles is to break the news that he and Maxie have decided to raise their child together in Portland. Something is definitely off and the viewers will not be satisfied until the truth is out for all to know.