Inquiring minds, and "GH" fans have a question, which is, "Where in the world is the beautiful young lady who portrays Maxie?" Its been a while since Kirsten Storms was on screen as her alter ego Maxie Jones. In her last scenes Storms noticeably had lost weight, and simply did not look to be in good health. She was written out of the show on the guise of Maxie leaving town for a job. She continues however to be a Hot Topic. A "General Hospital" spoiler for the week of April 10-14 mentions the possibility of Storms returning to her role.

Silence brings questions

The silence and lack of transparency regarding Kirsten Storms' health is what brings so many questions. Kirsten left her role as Maxie a few years back, and was replaced by another actress. The reason given was a skin condition. Fans, however, noticed that Ms. Storms had lost some weight. When she returned, she had gained a few pounds and it looked really nice on her. This time around, Kirsten did not simply lose weight, she looked gaunt. Her cheeks were sunken, and she had dark circles under her eyes. Clearly some serious health issue are affecting the young lady. Fans seem genuinely concerned, rather than simply being nosy.

Do fans have the right to know every pertinent detail, about the health of favorite celebrities?

Just because they are in the public eye, does this indicate that they must tell al their secrets? kirsten storms has not posted on Twitter sine January, and "General Hospital" is not addressing the issue, nor have they recast the role of Maxie. This has people wondering if Storms has a return date, or if the character of Maxie Jones is being written out of the show.

And of course, the big questions is what is the status of Kirsten Storms' health?

Fans must wait and see

Unless Kirsten, a representative, or "GH" chooses to give an update, all anyone can do is speculate, and this will only lead to unfounded rumors. Fans can give Kirsten Storms the privacy she desires, but closure is needed for the character of Maxi Jones.

If she is returning, a date would suffice. If she is not, then "General Hospital" should just come clean and let the audience know. Until something official is announced about the fate of Miss Jones, all that can be done is to take a wait and see approach, and watch the show go on without Maxie's smiling face. Perhaps the powers that be at "GH" are tired of Kirsten taking so many leaves of absence, and will not welcome her back.