Josh and Anna Duggar are back to working on their marriage once again and even have their fifth child on the way. Now it turns out that things might not be going well for the couple. Josh Duggar is off of their reality show, and he is back to working in the used car business. This is some money, but not enough to pay all the bills.

What is going on with this couple now?

Josh and Anna Duggar are living together again and have their fifth child on the way. Anna is still on the reality show, but not very often. This has to mean that her paycheck isn't very big from the show.

Anna doesn't work other than that and Josh is just selling used cars now. He spent a lot of time in sex rehab away from his family, which also meant that he wasn't working for a while.

A source close to the couple did tell Radar Online that Josh and Anna's marriage is really strong right now. They seem to be doing great. The source went on to say, "Josh hasn’t always been the most helpful with raising the kids, but he seems to be stepping up to the plate a bit more now." They have been through a lot over the years, but Anna stuck by him through it all and never gave up. Most people would have left their spouse in this same situation.

What is up with the money situation?

The source went on to explain that Anna Duggar is a bit worried about having a fifth mouth to feed.

That is going to scare her a bit because they have a big family and word is Josh Duggar's used car business isn't doing near as well as they would like it to be. He may have to decide to find something else to do for work or try to work a deal with TLC if that is at all possible. Josh has to figure something out.

It really does sound like things aren't going well for the Duggars, but nobody knows what they are going to do about it.

If they could get Josh back on the show, then that could help their income. They aren't sharing if that will happen, though. There have been a few rumors about it, but the Duggars have never confirmed it. This would probably cause them to lose a lot of their fans and even people who advertise on the show.

Are you surprised to hear that Josh and Anna Duggar are dealing with some money issues?

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