Fans of kirsten storms have been wondering since late February if and when she will return to "General Hospital." On a weekly basis, there have been rumors and updates regarding this talented actress. Storms herself has remained silent and this has only added fuel to the fire. The latest spoiler alert implies that her return is close at hand.

Spoiler alerts

For the past four months, spoiler alerts have alluded to the absence of Maxie Jones from "General Hospital'. Her portrayer Kirsten Storms had lost weight and was looking gaunt. The rumor mill was filled with speculation regarding what caused Ms.

Storms to leave the show.

Time marched on and it was believed that Maxie Jones would return during the Nurses Ball in May. The ball is over and done. It's now June and still no word from Kirsten Storms. The latest theory is that Maxie will return to Port Charles with Spinelli who is slated to show up in a couple of weeks. It has been confirmed that Bradford Anderson will reprise his role as the geeky computer genius, but again no confirmation from "General Hospital" or Kirsten Storms regarding Maxie.

Here we go again with Ms. Jones

Loyal fans really desire to see Maxie Jones back on screen and in the arms of her husband, Nathan. This has been a long four months for those who enjoy the storylines that Maxie is involved with.

Had "General Hospital" or Kirsten Storms gave a time frame for her return or stated that her character would not return to Port Charles the fans would not be so curious.

The lack of accountability to the viewers of the show is why there are so many spoiler alerts much like the many sightings of Elvis Presley. Fans are getting their hopes up and having them dashed because of false rumors.

In late April, Nathan said Maxie would be back in a few weeks. In early May he said she would be delayed a few more weeks. Fans believed she would arrive in time for the Nurses Ball.

Now it's being assumed without validation that Ms.Jones may return to Port Charles with Spinelli. All of the speculations during the past four months could have been avoided with one statement of truth.

Once again "General Hospital" viewers are wondering whether or not this will be the time she returns. Should Spinelli return to town with Maxie it's a win for the fans who have been expecting her to come back.

While there has not been confirmation of a return date, it was made clear that Kirsten Storms would reprise her role. The only information she has released since exiting the show is that her return would be "soonish."