On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of Congress, revealing information about his private meetings with Donald Trump, as well as other info pertaining to the investigation into Russia. In the 24 hours since the testimony, Trump has lashed out in a major way, resulting in interesting feedback from his critics.

Trump's blow-back

Over the last month, Donald Trump has faced increased pressure over the growing Russian investigation after he surprised many by abruptly firing James Comey as head of the FBI. Trump's decision was even more of a shock considering that Comey was leading the investigation into Russia at he time, which was looking into whether or not the Kremlin was in cahoots with the president's campaign.

In the weeks that have followed, many wondered what would happen if Comey would be called to reveal information under oath, which occurred on Thursday in Congress. Comey labeled the president a lair, accusing him of "defaming" him and the entire FBI by how he handled the aftermath of his firing, and also noted that he felt he needed to quickly document his meetings with Trump because he thought he would be lied to. Trump didn't immediately respond to the testimony, but lashed out on Twitter on Friday morning, before elaborating further during a speech at the White House later that day. In response, two high-profiled critics of the president decided to sound off in a series of June 9 tweets.

Taking to their Twitter accounts on Friday, both actor George Takei and author Stephen King ripped into Donald Trump over his reaction to James Comey's testimony.

"After listening to Comey today and Trump for last 4 and a half months, I have a clear opinion on which one is the actual 'nut job,' King tweeted. In a follow-up tweet, the famous horror author wrote, "Can we have Obama back? Please?"

Takei's take

As Stephen King ripped into Donald Trump, George Takei doubled down in his own way.

"Trump just tweeted calling Comey's testimony 'false statements and lies.' Yes, the president is accusing the former FBI Director of perjury," Takei tweeted out.

"Trump says he would testify under oath that Comey lied in his testimony yesterday.

I call bullshit, but please, Donald. #TakeTheStand," George Takei went on to tweet. "The reason Trump thinks he can #takethestand and testify is that he is someone who actually believes his own lies if he repeats them enough," he added in another social media post.

"You know what? @realDonaldTrump, you're too scared to actually testify under oath. You'll never #TakeTheStand Because you? You're chicken," George Takei stated. The criticism continued as those who oppose Donald Trump don't look to be backing off the president anytime soon.