"General Hospital has a shocker on Wednesday, June 21st as Michael will offer his uncle Jason a job at "ELQ." The question is will Jason consider this life-changing job offer? Jason Morgan is a man who changed his last name after a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. He became a mob enforcer for Sonny Corinthos and walked away from the most prominent financially secure family in town. Is it even possible that Jason will say yes? Spoiler alerts only indicate that Michael stops by the penthouse and are mum on the conversation.

The ELQ Legacy

ELQ is currently being run by Jason's cousin Michael.

He was raised by his mother Carly and adopted by her husband Sonny Corinthos. He also grew up not bearing the family sir name. After finding out that Sonny murdered his father A.J. Michael legally changed his name to Quartermaine. His last name has not been mentioned in a while so the storyline has not mad clear which name he currently goes by.

Michael was at the Helm of ELQ when Nicholas Cassadine tried to take over the company. Jason was instrumental in helping his cousin and aunt Tracy retain ownership of their legacy. It's a stretch for fans to consider Jason in a suit and tie working in a board room. The writers for "General Hospital" can certainly find a way to make it somewhat believable.

Now that Helena Cassadine is dead and the Chimera Project is behind him, Jason may desire a safer line of work because of his wife and children.

Someone has to run ELQ and there need to be people in the mansion

The Quartermaine mansion has not been on screen since Tracy left town on the 4th of May. Her sons Ned and Dillon are seen all over Port Charles and Monica who owns the house is only shown while working at the hospital.

Absolutely no one seems to be minding the house. If the family is to continue in Port Charles there must be some action inside the Q's home and also in the ELQ boardroom. It does not seem likely that Jason will give Michael a quick answer so this may play out for a while.

Mr. Morgan has not shown any skill set that would indicate he could work in the corporate world.

Neither has he shown any desire. The motivation for Michael's offer is unclear as of yet. All viewers know is that an offer will be extended and an answer eventually will come. Michael made the transition from the dangerous world of his mother and adopted father but he was not involved in the same manner as his older cousin.

Jason also is married to Sam who was a grifter and con artist. It does not seem plausible that either of them would desire the corporate world or the retrains of living in the mansion. The only young cast member who desires to embrace their heritage and be Lord of a mansion is young Spencer Cassadine. It is still possible that Jason could say yes to Michael. Viewers of "General Hospital" know however that stranger things have happened.