On "General Hospital," Sonny and Carly have a tumultuous relationship. They have been married 5 times and are about to embark on their 5th divorce. They love hard and take revenge on each other with an unbridled passion. They are quick to have each other's backs but are just as fast to commit adultery when each believes they have been wronged by the other. Their oldest child Michael takes it all in stride. Carly's daughter Joslyn, whose father is Jasper Jax, however, is experiencing pain and confusion because of her mother and stepfather.

Manipulation from the very beginning

From the very beginning of their relationship, Sonny and Carly exposed family and friends to their worst behavior. Carly became pregnant by A.J. Quartermaine but later allowed Sonny to adopt the boy and name him Michael Corinthos Jr.. Sonny and Carly did everything they could to keep A.J. away from his son for years. As an adult, Michael sought a relationship with his biological father, but soon afterward, Sonny shot and killed A.J. due to a misunderstanding.

Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos have continued over the years to manipulate family. Recently, they worked together to keep Sonny's daughter Avery away from her mother Ava. Their manipulation is now taking a toll on Josslyn.

A few months back, after Sonny told Carly that their relationship was over, she immediately had sex with Jax (who was in town to visit Joss). Sonny arrived just as Jax was walking down the stairs and was livid. To get even he snitched that Jax had illegally purchased a kidney for Jossyln, which led to Jax being deported and banned from the USA for life.

The emotional toll that the drama is taking on Joslyn

Joslyn has lived with her mom and dad and also with her stepdad and Carly. Both Jax and Sonny love all the children and treat them all the same. Even so, Joss, like many teens, wants to see her parents back together. This is heightened by the fact that overall, Jax is the good guy and Sonny is a mobster.

When it appeared that Sonny was responsible for the death of his son Morgan, Joss wanted her mom to ban Sonny from her life.

The teenager was broken over the death of her half-brother and happy when Sonny and Carly separated. When Jax returned to town Joss believed her parents were getting back together. Once Sonny had Jax deported, everything changed. Because of her stepfather's actions, the only way Josslyn can see her dad is if she were to fly to Australia.

Recently, Joss saw her mom and stepfather kissing. She tore into Carly, accusing her of being unable to remove herself from the toxic relationship she has with Sonny. Josslyn is hurting and does not understand why her mom can so quickly forgive him and go back for more drama. The pain and confusion that this young girl is suffering will no doubt manifest in erratic behavior at some point.