Port Charles -- along with "General Hospital" viewers -- received a wonderful surprise on Tuesday's episode. Prince Spencer Cassadine came back to town and is in rare form. The heir to the Cassadine fortune showed up on his grandmother Laura's front door. He announced -- regarding his uncle Valentin -- that he was going to "Avenge my father, vanquish him, and reclaim Windemere." That' a tall order for a preteen boy, but fans believe Spencer has what it takes to get the job done.

Spencer has an agenda

Valentin Cassadine shot Spencer's father Nicholas to death.

He then proceeded to declare his right to all things Cassadine. Laura sent Spencer out of town in order to protect him. On Tuesday, the young prince returned in rare form. Laura questioned her grandson on how he managed to make it home. He told her he forged her name on a letter, rode Uber, and used cell phone apps to book flights and reach his destination.

Spencer has the charm and wit of his father and all the cunning of his dastardly great grandmother Helena. He lights up the screen and is a joy to watch. This child really believes he is Lord of the manor. He tells his grandmother that he will vanquish Valentin and make Laura the mistress of the Cassadine mansion. When Spencer is talking about his inheritance, he brings to mind the prince who slays dragons to save his lady love.

Nicholas Bechtel -- who portrays Spencer -- really knows how to get into character and engage the audience.

Laura has her work cut out for her with Spencer in town

Now that Tracy Quartrmaine has left town and Monica is on recurring status, Laura Spencer is the reigning older diva in Port Charles. She will definitely have her work cut out for her in regard to her grandson.

With the return of Spencer new life is breathed into the "GH" canvas. If Valentin is not apprehended by the authorities his nephew may indeed be a formidable opponent. Without his father to keep him in check Spencer will give his other relatives quite a workout as they try to contain him.

Any child that can forge his grandma's signature without detection, use apps to obtain plane tickets and Uber in order to travel across the country will be difficult to manage.

Welcome back to "General Hospital," Spencer Cassadine. Your fans and all of Port Charles are elated to see you. It will be interesting to see what happens next, and what the writers of "General Hospital" have in store for the young Cassadine.