Along with Director Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman, we have another superhero in the making this week in the form of "Captain Underpants". This 20Th Century Fox’s latest animation is an adaptation of Dav Pilkey’s children book with the same title.

The story goes like this George And Harold, the two best friends at school and also the mischief in chief of the school are threatened by their principal Mr. Krupp to a separation forever in case they do not mend their ways. Scared with this proposition both George and Harold cook up a scheme to hypnotize Mr.

Krupp and transform him into an embarrassment in front of the entire school by turning him into a knucklehead superhero and with luck, both George and Harold succeed in their grand plan.

What's next?

Everything appears to be in luck for the duo and the entire situation explodes into a jubilant affair and things take an odd turn when a brand new supervillain who goes by the name of Professor P comes to town. Professor P’s master scheme is to destroy fun, laughter, and most importantly the sense of humor from the every living being from the entire world.

Now the duo has to come together along with the newly created superhero "Captain Underpants" to foil Professor P’s nefarious scheme. For what happens next is that you would have to go and see for yourself.

See the beauty as it unfolds

20th Century Fox has done a wonderful job along with the artists who lead their voice to all the characters. The movie is beautifully animated capturing the exact human emotions. May it be the larger than life friendship of George and Harold or the bossiness of Principal Krupp or even bringing out the evil in the villain, every emotion is captured beautifully.

But the essence of the movie is in the fact that there should be happiness everywhere. And also that it is good to fool around at times. The movie also brings about the value of true friendship and the joy it brings when two companions are together plotting and planning in life. The movie has also given us "Captain Underpants" who is truly one of the funniest superheroes there ever was.

We should also recognize the efforts of Nicholas Stoller, the veteran comedian who wrote such a beautiful screenplay that made the movie "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" a reality.Stoller is worked without a break to bring out the human aspect of the animated characters to life.

"Captain Underpants" was finished on a fast schedule in just two years, even though Soren came onboard after original director Rob Letterman started the live-action feature Goosebumps.