Did you hear the rumors that Crowley’s death on Supernatural was real? Unfortunately, it turns out that it is so. Mark Sheppard has officially confirmed that he is leaving the show. This is after rumors that he was leaving after a post on Instagram thanking the fans, the cast, and the crew. However, it turns out that this decision may not have been entirely his own.

Problems behind the scenes of ‘Supernatural'?

It is possible that there was some drama behind the scenes of the much-loved CW show. After sharing that he was leaving the show, producer Jim Michaels said that the door was always open for his character to return.

After all, that is the way things go with the majority of “Supernatural” characters, as dead doesn’t stay dead.

Sheppard fired back, making it clear that there are “no plans” to return to the show. Reading between the lines, it looks like they weren’t his plans and he isn’t happy with the decision. There are rumors that he and co-showrunner Andrew Dabb didn’t get along and Sheppard wasn’t happy with the direction that his character was going.

No more Crowley after seven years?

Crowley first appeared on the show in season 5, during the epic “Abandon All Hope.” He remained a recurring guest until Season 10, when he was brought on as a series regular. From that point, he remained in that safe position until this year.

He will definitely not be back for “Supernatural” season 13.

It doesn’t look like his character will be played by someone else, either. This would have been possible, as demons are able to jump between meat suits. However, Crowley chose to stab himself with an angel blade and he did flash in the way that demons do when they die.

It was the first time he had flashed, despite people believing they’d killed him in the past.

How have the fans reacted?

Understandably, fans are not happy about Sheppard not returning to the show.

They don’t blame him and aren’t angry with him, but would like to know more about the creative decision made not to renew Sheppard’s contract. There are many Crowley fans out there who have made it clear they are walking away after this decision.

Others are sticking by the show, focusing on the three main characters and guest stars. After all, the show is not made up of just one character—who was not actually in every single episode of the season. That doesn’t mean they’re happy with the decision, but they want to watch the show they have fallen in love with.

“Supernatural” season 13 will return without Crowley in the fall. It will air on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.