Abby Lee Miller, "Dance Moms" former coach, was sentenced to be in prison back in May. However, it looks as if the reality star will have to wait for a little while since her prison sentence date has been postponed and it might be due to some medical conditions.

For the meantime, it was not yet confirmed why her prison term has been delayed. However, it is believed that her knee condition might have contributed to the cause. The "Dance Moms" star is set to stay behind the bar on June 30; however, according to a report from Daily Mail, it will be postponed until July 12.

Knee injury

The 50-year old reality star has been posting photos of her knee recently on the social media. One of her caption says, "Bone on Bone! X-ray Right knee - That kinda hurts a little OUCH!"

Due to her knee injury, it is believed that the prison term has to be moved until she feels well. To recall, she sentenced a couple of months ago due to bankruptcy fraud and for bringing $120,000 worth of Australian currency in the United States.

Miller, who pleaded guilty, was ordered to be in prison for a year and a day. She was also ordered to be on probation for two years after being released from prison. Further, she also has to wait a little more day before her prison sentence will begin this July.

Getting ready for prison

Despite the rough times that she has been through, it has been learned that Miller just recently filmed a television special about her getting ready for being in prison. According to a report from Daily Mail, the said interview was conducted by new and reputable journalists.

It was also learned that the former "Dance Moms" star broke down in tears during the television special.

Apparently, Miller considered being in prison as her whole new world. Further, she just started to open up about how she has been preparing in facing her prison term.

During the interview, Miller was discussing everything she feels and was very emotional too. The reality star also opened about her few physical conditions and dietary limitations that she has to address with.

Nevertheless, Miller also believes that everything about her health will be okay.

Further, in the television special, the "Dance Moms" coach revealed that she is a bit worried about her life inside the prison cell together with other inmates. For her, it is a new world she knows nothing about. During the interview, the reality star ended her statement by saying, "I just know what I know and I do the best I can."