Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been fighting for quite a while now. However, fans are not aware of how their feud started. So, who started the fight?

For several years, people have been wondering as to why Katy Perry and Taylor Swift suddenly have Bad Blood when they were close friends before. Rumors have been making rounds that Swift and Perry fought because of their backup dancers and that the "Thinking of You" singer tried to sabotage Swift's tour. However, these rumors were not confirmed by the two hitmakers.

The real reason behind Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's feud

New reports claim that Katy Perry revealed that Taylor Swift was actually the one who started their fight. For years, the truth behind the feud of Swift and Perry has been a mystery. Fortunately, the "California Girls" singer has finally opened up about the real reason behind their argument.

Recently, Perry guested in James Corden show, "Carpool Karaoke" last Monday. The "Hot and Cold" hitmaker has finally addressed the issue and said that it was the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer who started the fight.

Perry explains why she is mad at Swift

Perry has finally opened up to Corden during her guesting saying the fight started when Swift refused to let the backup dancers perform for her.

Perry stated that her dancers wanted to dance for Swift's concert and she was okay with it. However, she made it clear that she would like to have the dancers back when she is back on tour. For Perry, arguing with Swift about their dancers is quite funny and crazy at the same time.

Unfortunately, when Perry was ready to go back to tour again and asked her dancers to work for her, Swift fired the dancers when they discussed leaving with Swift's management.

Perry was shocked with Swift's decision when she thought both of them knew that the dancers will be leaving Swift's management to work with Perry again when she is back on tour. Perry noted that it is time for the "Bad Blood" singer to finish what she started.

Perry even revealed that she wanted to talk to Swift about what happened, but Swift would not speak to her at all.

But, the "Back to December" hitmaker would not answer her calls. Perry even noted that she would be willing to make peace with Swift if she would just apologize to Perry.

As of this writing, Taylor Swift has not yet responded to the comments of Katy Perry. Fans are surely hoping that the two could patch things up and be friends again.