The news recently came out that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff were moving back to Portland, Oregon to be near family. They have a baby on the way and wanted to be near them. Now, Daily Mail is sharing the details about their new house. This couple is doing really well and got an amazing house near their family, but they aren't living on the Roloff farm.

All about their house, cost and more

This new house is in an area of Rock Creek. This is supposed to be a good area to raise a family. They actually ended up getting in a bidding war to get this house, and you will get to see it all go down on "Little People, Big World." Jeremy did not want to lose this house.

It turns out that they paid $465,000 for a 2,700 square foot two-story home with four bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

This house was not perfect, though. Even after spending $465,000 on the house, the Roloffs were immediately doing renovations to it. Aubrey shared that she had been living on junk food because they were fixing the kitchen. This house was built back in 1968, so it does need some work on it. The yard looks like it is perfect in the pictures. An insider shared that they plan to have it all done before the baby gets here. They do love projects like this so hopefully, they will have the time to pull it off.

Matt Roloff has always said that he wants them to all live on the farm with each other, so he might be a bit disappointed that Audrey and Jeremy aren't living there.

The thing is now they are back in Portland, Oregon and close the family, so that has to be a blessing. Matt and Amy are both really excited about being grandparents so you know having their granddaughter close is a bonus.

Their new baby on the way

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff already revealed that they are having a little girl. You will get to see all about it on the show, but she will not be a little person.

The way that this works they don't have the genes where it should happen. Now his brother's son Jackson is going to be a little person, and these two babies will be very close to the same age and grow up near each other in Portland. The fans are really excited about seeing them on the show.

Are you surprised to hear about the house that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff bought in Portland?

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