The first and official Teaser Trailer of Marvel's "Black Panther" has been officially released. The trailer features the first look to Chadwick Boseman being a titular character. To recall, the actor first appeared in the 2016's hit movie "Captain America: Civil War."

The trailer features the interrogation scene between Ulysses Klae, as he was asked about Wakanda. Meanwhile, Boseman, together with his bodyguards, are watching through a two-way mirror. As the trailer continues, fans will get the chance to hear a voice over which speaks on how hard it is to be a king. In addition, T'Challa is also featured while in his suits as he takes on a full storm of bullets on some bad guys.

Black superhero movie

"Black Panther" is a film produced by Marvel Productions and is directed by Ryan Coogler. It is known that the film is the first black superhero movie in the list of Marvel's cinematic universe. Boseman, who plays the role of "Black Panther," acts as the fictional technological leader of the Marvel Universe.

Meanwhile, the said action film intends to tell a different story compared to the story that the book usually tells. In this film, T'Challa will have his first duty to his people while at the same time; he is tasked to protect the people's interest. Meanwhile, such interest is something that doesn't coincide with what the Avengers usually want.

Highly-anticipated film

This Ryan Coogler-directed movie is one of the most anticipated films this year.

Apart from being the first black superhero solo movie, "Black Panther" is also set to feature predominantly black casts which come from "The Walking Dead," and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Wakanda, which is known as the most fictional nation in Africa, will completely tell its story in this movie. Further, the production also promises its fans that they will surely enjoy a mix of superheroic action and politically-based kind of story this time.

Apparently, "Black Panther" is also the first superhero movie next to "Blade," which tells a superhero story that is not coming from the white's perspective. It is known that most of the time, Marvel's superhero characters, which include both heroes and villains, are coming from the whites and the Europeans.

Hence, "Black Panther" is set to feature a different story this time.

It is also expected to feature diverse characters which are contrary to what Marvel has used to portray. Meanwhile, the film is expected to hit theaters on February 16, 2018.

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