Everything has been a bit crazy since "Bachelor in Paradise" shut down filming, and word came out that something went down between DeMario jackson and Corrine Olympios. The fans want to know what happened and now it turns out that DeMario Jackson is ready to tell his Side of the story, but according to Hollywood Life he wants to do it through a television interview. ABC hasn't really shared much yet, and the fans want all of the details.

What does DeMario think is the best way to get his side out?

An insider shared the details and said, "DeMario is negotiating a big TV interview to share his side of the story after the BIP scandal.

The top contenders are Good Morning America or Entertainment Tonight." The source went on to explain that DeMario doesn't want everyone thinking he is a bad guy and wants a chance to clear his name.

DeMario has been staying outside of his dad's home, and when reporters came by he did share that his side of the story was going to be coming out. DeMario would love the tapes to come out so that everyone can see what happened, but so far, ABC hasn't shared a word about releasing them.

How is Jackson doing now?

He was just fired from his job, which means that things aren't going great for DeMario Jackson. He was working as an executive recruiter. Several people from Bachelor Nation have spoken out and shared that they are on DeMario's side.

One of these people was Raven, who was there when it all went down. Jasmine Goode also took his side. Nick Viall hasn't said very much at all and a source shared that he was glad that he could stay pretty quiet about his thoughts. If Nick was still on "Dancing With the Stars," then everyone would be asking his thoughts on what went down.

As of right now, "Bachelor in Paradise" has stopped filming. They went ahead and filmed Carly Waddell and Evan Bass' wedding today, but there is no word on when that will air, but speculation is that they will get their own special. It sounds like this entire season of "Bachelor in Paradise" won't be happening. The fans will just have to wonder about what went down for now and hopefully, ABC will share soon.

Do you think that DeMario Jackson has the right idea by doing a television interview? Will this be a great way to get his story out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" with Rachel Lindsay on Monday nights on ABC. She already shared that she finds love this season.