Nick Viall met Corinne Olympios on his season of "The Bachelor." He kept her around longer than others thought he should, but Nick did like her. Now Corinne is right in the middle of some drama that went down on "Bachelor in Paradise" and even caused the show to be canceled for the upcoming season. Now, a source is revealing that Nick is glad he has been able to avoid talking about what went down.

What did the source share about Nick not wanting to speak out?

A source close to Nick said he "is so happy that "Dancing With The Stars" is over because now he doesn’t have to talk about the "Bachelor In Paradise" scandal and Corinne." If the show was still going on, then, of course, Nick would have to talk about it all.

There would be no way that he could avoid it. The insider explained that now that the show is over Nick Viall can address things on his own terms, which is the way he likes it.

The source went on to explain that Nick Viall really wants to focus on his future and his love life with Vanessa Grimaldi. He doesn't want to chat about all of this negativity and he does see what all that the show has done for him over the years.

What has Nick said about what allegedly went down on "Bachelor in Paradise"?

Nick Viall has been pretty quiet so far. Yesterday, he went to his Twitter and said, "Thoughts and prayers for my Bachelor family." That is the only thing he said was this small tweet, and that was probably smart on his part.

Nick is staying out of the drama, and that will keep him from getting backlash from fans of the show.

As of right now, other people from Bachelor Nation are speaking out, but not many have much to say. Corinne and DeMario have given statements, but all kinds of various information is coming out, and the fans don't even know what to believe at this point.

ABC is staying pretty quiet, but Reality Steve did share that the show is over for this season. Everyone has been sent home, and they have stopped filming the show. What will happen in the future has not been revealed just yet.

Are you shocked to hear that Nick Viall allegedly wants to avoid talking about the drama from "Bachelor in Paradise"?

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