Radar Online shared the show, "Bachelor in Paradise" was just canceled for this season over the drama that went down between DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios. Now Raven Gates is speaking out about it and sharing her thoughts on what went down. She is actually sticking up for DeMario Jackson in this situation. Raven appeared on Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor" and was actually at "Bachelor in Paradise" as well when this all went down. The fans were looking forward to seeing if she would find love on this season of the show.

What did Raven share about what went down?

Raven Gates started out sharing her thoughts. She said, "My mom raised me to speak the truth even when I would be scrutinized or judged for it. But right is right, and wrong is wrong. I stand 100% with my friend Jasmine Goode. As an eyewitness myself, a friend of Corinne‘s, and as a woman, I would have stepped in if she needed me." Jasmine gave her own statement saying that Corrine was acting the same.

Raven Gates even shared that she was there when this all went down, so she isn't just giving an opinion. Gates said she is "sick to her stomach" about what went down and that Corrine was very coherent that day. She explained that she also made out with three other guys on the show after that all happened.

Nobody is sharing who the other guys were that Corinne allegedly made out with on that day. Another thing that Raven shared was that Corrine was talking about how upset her boyfriend at home would be over what she was doing. It doesn't even make a lot of sense to go on this show when you have a boyfriend, but Reality Steve shared that she wasn't the only one who did it.

What did Jasmine Goode have to say?

Jasmine Goode gave her own statement saying that Corrine was acting the same way that she was when she was on "The Bachelor" with Nick Viall. Jasmine even said that Corrine forced herself on three different guys on the show, which is pretty shocking.

Jasmine actually shared that Corrine got upset when they tried to cut her off from the alcohol.

They thought she had drunk enough and she said that she even said: "Watch, watch what I'm gonna do." Now, Corrine has hired a lawyer. They are both dealing with a lot of backlash over what went down, and DeMario is hopeful that the videos will come out so that he can clear his name. Only time will tell what is going to happen and if "Bachelor in Paradise" will come back for another season. Everyone is hoping that they will be able to find a way to save it.

Do you think that DeMario Jackson or Corrine Olympios was in the wrong? Are you sad to hear that "Bachelor in Paradise" won't be airing? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" with Rachel Lindsay on Monday nights on ABC. She has already revealed that she finds love this time around.