Kylie Jenner is proud that Kim Kardashian has been inspired to launch her own range of makeup after having seen the success the 19-year-old has had with her line of beauty products. Rumor has it that Kylie is somewhat put out with though.

With Kylie being named the most successful member of the Kardashian household and the most influential teen in Hollywood, sources claim that Kim has definitely been keeping an eye on her sister, who has now become her competitor in the beauty product line.

Though it’s never about who has more money or fame, the fact that Kylie Jenner has more of a demand and is able to sell products better and faster than her sister's is making Kim much more aware of the force she clearly has to reckon with.

Kylie dethrones sisters in popularity

One of the things the mother-of-two definitely wanted to start working on was a makeup line of her own. Kim is fully aware that marketing herself by selling beauty products is a great business move. Seeing how well Kylie Jenner has done in this particular field, she certainly didn’t want to be left out.

Kylie Jenner and her sister collaborated on a collection together a couple of years ago but according to a report by Hollywood Life it "got tied up in a lawsuit and they eventually lost interest." Shortly afterward, Kylie went off on her own and made a success of her lip-kit empire. Now Kim is planning to launch another range of makeup — but this time it’ll be all on her own.

Kylie is under the impression that Kim is heavily influenced by some of the things she has achieved in recent months — from the makeup line to selling tens of thousands of lipsticks and lip filler kits, Jenner thinks her sibling is trying to keep up with her success.

Success tearing family apart

And while Kylie Jenner is flattered by the supposed fact that Kim is trying to copy some of her marketing ventures, it’s somewhat annoying to know that the 36-year-old is now relying on Kylie to figure out what sells and what doesn’t. Kylie doesn’t want anybody copying her style or her business ideas, especially not her family members.

“But there’s still competition between them, Kylie does worry that her big sister will come in and take over. She likes that Kim is copying her but wants her to stay in her own lane,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “She never imagined there’d be a day when Kim would be following in her footsteps, it just shows how much things have changed."

Kylie Jenner has been branching out into multiple ventures lately.

Aside from her beauty products selling out at great speed, she’s also confirmed reports that she has landed her own spin-off reality show titled "Life of Kylie," which will premiere on the E! Network. E! Network says on their Website that the "Life of Kylie" will premiere Sunday, August 6.

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