Ever since "Girl Meets World" season 3 finale came out, fans have been missing the two main characters on the series, Maya and Riley. The renewal for "Girl Meets World" season 4 is still undetermined, so the cast are keeping their schedules busy with other engagements. Rowan Blanchard is known for her role as Riley Matthews in the "Boy Meets World" spinoff. With the Disney series still on an indefinite hiatus, fans are hoping to see the 15-year old Disney star in other projects. Meanwhile, fans have been keeping tabs on her Instagram account, trying to get the latest updates on her new projects and upcoming movies.

Sabrina Carpenter, who plays the role of Maya in "Girl Meets World," is said to be still keeping in touch with Riley Matthews. While playing the role of best friends on-screen, the two are reportedly very good friends in real life. To prove that point, the two are still communicating publicly on Instagram, showing their fans that they are indeed friends for life despite the "Girl Meets World" hiatus.

Sharing love and goodness

When she's not busy filming for "GMW" and other projects, Rowan Blanchard is known to spend her time with charitable institutions and other philanthropic activities. In fact, the "Spy Kids" actress was recently honored at the "Empathy Rocks" charity event, along with Wilmer Valderrama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rowan Blanchard and Wilmer Valderrama were honored at the 9th annual Children Mending Hearts Empathy Rocks charity event for their commitment to the organization's mission to spread positive change through empathy.

In an interview, Rowan Blanchard shared her belief that empathy is very important for activism. In fact, she emphasized that empathy is the first step towards bringing positive change. She further explained that being able to sympathize and relate to another person's feeling is already a big step towards activism.

Netflix binge

Young as she is, it looks like Rowan Blanchard already has a good foundation and background of what it's like to give back and shows excellent traits of becoming a well-loved philanthropist in the future.

She may not have been regularly seen on the small screen recently, but the "GMW" star is keeping her hands busy with charity work and is setting a good example for her fans.

For those who want to re-live Riley and Maya's story all over again, a legit "Girl Meets World" season 1 to season 3 binge on Netflix might just be all they need. Meanwhile, "GMW" fans are still hoping for a season renewal, even if it means moving to another network.

Stay tuned for more "GMW" season 4 renewal news and updates!

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