The trailer for "Thank You For Your Service" was released yesterday. The movie follows a group of soldiers returning from deployment who are facing the challenges of reintegrating into their past lives and society. "Thank You for Your Service" is based on the book of the same name written by Pulitzer Prize-winning American Journalist David Finkel.

What we know about the film so far

"Thank You for Your Service" was written and directed by Jason Hall, though it was originally supposed to be directed by Steven Spielberg. Hall's role expanded from writing a movie based on the book to also becoming the director.

Jason Hall is known for his work on "American Sniper," which he wrote the screenplay for. The movie is produced by Jon Kilik, best known for his work on "The Hunger Games" franchise.

The movie stars a range of talented actors, including Miles Teller, Beulah Koale and Amy Schumer. Teller and Koale both play the roles of soldiers trying to return to normal life, whereas Schumer plays a soldier's widow. The soldiers return from Iraq and soon find that they are plagued by the horrors they faced. They are not celebrated as one might expect and Hall explains this, stating that they are blue-collar soldiers. As the group struggles to reintegrate into society these horrors set in with vigor, threatening to destroy their lives.

Miles Teller plays Adam Schumann, who is suffering from PTSD

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to the National Center for PTSD, the mental disorder can be developed after experiencing a life-threatening event. PTSD is common with soldiers returning from hazardous war environments. Symptoms include reliving the events, hyperarousal, negative belief, and avoidance tactics.

Teller plays Adam Schumann, a soldier who returns home after being deployed in Iraq. His character suffers from PTSD and in the trailer, there is a clip of him and his wife attending therapy. The mental disorder wreaks havoc on Schumann's life as he struggles with his relationships with his wife and children. The movie highlights the aftermath of war and Hall has given Teller high praise, stating that Teller brings a comfort, ease, and everyman quality to the role.

In order to prepare for the movie role, Miles Teller spent time with real-life Adam Schumann in his home. The cast also agreed to undergo a week of boot camp commonly referred to as "Hell Week." Co-star Amy Schumer also dived into her role and actually went as far as meeting the real-life Amanda Doster, who she plays onscreen. She visited Mr. Doster's grave and spent time getting to know Amanda in order to portray the character honestly and truthfully.

"Thank You for Your Service" is being viewed by Hall as the spiritual sequel to "American Sniper." The movie is sure to be full of emotional, heart-wrenching, and realistic moments. "Thank You for Your Service" is due to hit theaters in the US on October 27.