It is obvious that Dance Moms coach Abby Lee Miller still loves to reminisce about the good old days at the time the show is at its peak. It was the prime of Maddie Ziegler’s fame that has brought tremendous success for the show. Despite the controversy that came between Ziegler and Miller, those seasons were unforgettable.

Before her incarceration that will soon happen, the coach is still preoccupied with shows. In fact, she still got the nod of the judge handling her case to allow her to travel one more time for a series of paid appearances.

Aside from the shows, she is still busy posting old photos on her social media account.

Convicted reality star posts old photos of Maddie Ziegler on social media

She posted throwback photos of her favorite student Maddie Ziegler and her teammates on Instagram with a caption telling the moments of their trip to Australia. She also added to the caption that at least 500 photos with the dancers were taken making them delirious. The former coach then tagged her former students in the image that resulted to some to some negative comments from fans as per IB Times. They asked why she still posts those pics despite the students not talking to her anymore. One viewer even said to Miller to stop posting photos.

For the “Dance Moms” defense, a fan wrote that Miller’s students were ungrateful because they are not talking to her anymore. One fan wrote that former students should not forget where they came from and the contribution of Miller in giving them the platform for their talents.

Abby Lee Miller not thwarted by the negative comments went on to pose a selfie taken by Maddie Ziegler and her friend Kendall. The photo got some negative reactions too.

"Dance Moms" coach behind Ziegler and Jack Kelly meeting

One of the most controversial of all her posts was the one showing Ziegler and her boyfriend Jack Kelly.

The 50-year-old shared the time that she introduced Kelly to her star dancer. Kia’s talent posted a current photo of hers and compared the old photos with her new one. According to Christian Post, the photo was presumed by many as a response to Miller’s posts.

The ALDC coach will soon commence her prison term but it is not a reason for her to stop planning for shows right after her release from prison. She is currently working on new shows titled “Dance Moms: Musical.” Miller will serve a one year and one day prison term after she pleaded guilty of the crimes of fraud. After which, she will have to serve two years probation.

"Dance Moms" is now running sans Abby Lee Miller but the dance coach still works in the guise of the dance reality show. Despite the fact that Lifetime still owns the rights to the show, she still plans to continue using the concept upon her release from prison.