Everyone was saddened when the news broke last year of the sudden death of Carrie Fisher. It was believed that she died of heart attack on a plane while traveling from London to Los Angeles. However, not much of the details had been revealed by the Los Angeles police department not until the final autopsy had been completed.

According to the report from LA Times, Fisher was known to have used drugs like heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy before her death. This goes to show that her drug use had led her to death due to a heart problem. The toxicology review from the authorities found an evidence of drugs in her system when she was rushed to the hospital back on December 23, 2016.

Cause of death

Further, the autopsy test also revealed that Fisher had consumed these drugs 72 hours before her death. This led to the conclusion that drugs had been the prime cause of her death. To recall, the actress went on a cardiac arrest, and the doctors attempted to revive her. However, she was proclaimed dead around 9 a.m. in the hospital.

Before the result of the police autopsy, it had been believed that her cause of death was sleep apnea. Atherosclerotic heart disease and drug use were among the listed conditions which had caused her sudden passing.

Aside from the amount of drugs found in her system, reports revealed that Fisher had a tattoo of a moon and stars on her right ankle. Brian Elias, Chief of Investigations, also revealed that the family had requested no autopsy before; instead, they only asked for a complete CT scan of her body.

Hence, they had also honored the request of her family.

Drug addiction and mental illness

Amid the new autopsy result, Billie Lourd, Fisher's daughter, had issued an official statement last night. She revealed that her mother has been battling against drug addiction and mental illness. It was known that Fisher was struggling against it for her entire life.

Further, Todd Fisher also responded to the official autopsy result of Fisher. He revealed that her sister was hooked on drugs and also had the so-called bipolar disorder which had place her health in total danger. In an official statement, he added, “I honestly hoped we would grow old together, but after her death, nobody was shocked.”

Since the official cause of death had been revealed, it is still not clear whether Fisher took drugs on that exact day where she suffered a cardiac arrest. Nonetheless, the authorities are working on it right now to deliver a clearer result.